Monday, May 25, 2009

I wanna wanna wannnaaa...

I so wanna continue with the engagement part II, but due to time constrain, final exams......x dapek la nak blog blog nehh. Aduiiiyaiii. Sabar..sabar...two more to go, then I'll be done.

Berdoa je la agar boleh update blog kat UK nanti, because a day right after my last paper, me and my family will be off to London baybee for holiday. Sambil sambil jalan boleh survey anything niceeee for the wedding..theee hee..

Maksu don't miss me so much k? I miss u too, and adik-adik:D


  1. Aawwhh!! We miss the family too! That's alright, no worries... focus on your exams... Enjoy the UK... and when you come back from your vacation... no more excuses, okay... Happy Birthday, Shira!
    Salam Sayang, maksu & family

  2. i like ur blog shira. so lepas ni mesti ade "Shira and Fattah's journey to their big day". kan? kan? hee.